Why So Many Commercial HVAC Units are Rooftop Units

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The rooftop unit is the workhorse of the commercial HVAC world. Even people with no knowledge of how heating and cooling works for a commercial building know that the machines that keep the rooms throughout the structure comfortable are located on the roof. (This general knowledge most likely comes from watching movies, which like to set shoot-outs and clandestine meeting on the tops of buildings).

There are some good reasons for the general popularity of rooftop AC and heating units in the business world. At AC Designs Inc., we have a ten-year history of seeing how effective rooftop units in Orange Park, FL are at keeping workplaces cool in summer and warm during the winter. Contact us today for all your questions and service needs for your company’s rooftop units, whether installation, repair, or routine maintenance.

The Reason the Rooftop Unit is the Business Standard

Rooftop units started to appear in the early days of electro mechanical air conditioning, during the first decades of the 20th century. At this time, most major businesses were located in crowded and concentrated older downtown areas. (This predates the development of large suburban zones.) There was simply no room between buildings for the large outdoor units necessary for air conditioning. Instead, AC manufacturers designed units that could work on the roof and access the ventilation system from there. So one of the reasons for rooftop units is simply tradition: even though many major office buildings are located in areas with extensive space around them, the air conditioners are still designed to sit up on the roof.

There are other reasons that the HVAC units have remained at the top of buildings. They take up less space there, and remain out of eye line of most people, which helps make structures and grounds more attractive. The location also prevents HVAC systems from suffering damage from vandalism. Technicians can access the rooftop unit without interfering with daily work routines. It’s also easy to expand on the HVAC to add more heating and cooling capacity on the roof, where there are fewer space concerns or almost no design concerns.

Call Professionals for Rooftop Unit Service

The roof may be one of the best places for a commercial HVAC unit, but a unit is only as good as its installation and the repairs and maintenance it receives. Don’t rely on amateurs or on work from contractors who lack commercial experience. For rooftop unit services in Orange Park, FL, call on the team at AC Designs Inc. We are ready 24 hours a day to help protect your company’s comfort.