Repair or Replace? The Best Option for My Air Conditioner

ac designs team

When you’ve had the same air conditioner working to cool down your home for many years, you will eventually reach a decision point regarding it: should you continue to the system it when it malfunctions, or has the time arrive when you should install a new AC?

This is a large decision, but it isn’t one that you need to make on your own. Since you will need a professional eventually—either for the repairs or the replacement—call the experts to help you choose between your options. When you have a technician trained in air conditioning repair in St. Augustine, FL assisting you, you will have a much better chance of making the wisest decision for your long-term comfort and budget plans.

AC Designs Inc. has some advice on how to narrow down the two choices. Here are a few things to consider regarding your aging air conditioning system:

Just How Old is the Air Conditioner?

Make sure you know both the age of your cooling system and the manufacturer’s estimate lifespan for it. If your air conditioner is still a few years under that estimate, then you should probably put repair work as first priority. However, if the AC is already at or above the estimate, then you should consider replacement as the best option—even if the air conditioner is not currently showing signs of a malfunction.

What Are Recent Utility Bills Like?

As an air conditioner ages, it will begin to lose energy efficiency and cost more to run. With proper annual maintenance, this decay will be slow, but it will eventually happen. Look over recent electrical bills and compare them to those from a few years ago. If you notice an increase around 20%, even with regular maintenance, then you should replace the system before it wastes more money.

How Much Repair Work Has the AC Needed Recently?

If the “repair or replace?” question has come up, it’s likely that you have needed to schedule repairs in the recent past. Look over the bills for the last few years for repair work to see how much you have needed to keep the system operating. If the costs exceed $500 per year, then it is not worth continuing to repair the system and you should have a new AC installed.

Even if you already have a good idea what route you wish to take, you need to call in a specialist. Sometimes a technician can find a repair that will restore your AC for another few years; other times, he or she may determine that a system that seems to be working fine outwardly is actually creating a serious energy drain that no amount of repairs can reverse.

AC Designs Inc. will offer you honest opinions about your current central air conditioner. Out NATE-certified technicians will know whether you need a replacement or if air conditioning repair in St. Augustine, FL will keep you cool for a few more years. You can trust to our training and professionalism for all your home comfort needs.