Heating Replacement & Installation Services in Jacksonville, FL

If you think that living in Florida means that you do not need a dependable heater in your home, think again. While your home heating system may not get the same sort of workout that your air conditioner does, it is still an integral player in your year-round comfort. When you need to schedule heating and air conditioner services in Jacksonville, FL or the surrounding areas – including installation, furnace repair or heat pump maintenance – call AC Designs. We make sure your heater is as efficient and dependable as possible so you keep your home affordably heated when the temperatures dip.

AC Designs offers quality heaters for installation and provides comprehensive heating services in Jacksonville and the surrounding Northeast Florida area. Call today to schedule your service appointment.

The Importance of Professional Heating Installation

Not just anyone can be trusted to handle your heating installation service. The efficiency, effectiveness, and even the safety of your heating system’s operation depends in large part on the quality of the installation. Without proper installation services, even the best heaters will fail to deliver the quality performance they should.

For example, take the issue of sizing your new heater. When you schedule your heating installation with AC Designs, you can be sure that your new heater will be properly sized for your home. We complete a heat load calculation to ensure this is the case. After all, if your heater is not properly sized then it will not operate as it should. If it is too small it will struggle to keep your home warm and comfortable, risking damages to the system. If it is too large it may frequently short cycle, as it brings the temperature up too quickly. This will greatly reduce the efficiency of your heater. Make the right choice, and call us to handle your heater installation in Jacksonville, FL.

You Deserve A Reliable AC System

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