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Packaged HVAC Units in Jacksonville, FL

When many homeowners think of central air conditioners or heat pumps, they think of two distinct units: an outdoor unit that tends to make a bit of noise, and an indoor unit that connects directly into the ducts. That’s known as a “split” system because of the way the components are split, of course. But there is another kind of HVAC unit available that has the majority of the components necessary for heating and cooling inside a single unit. For some homes, this is a great option, and we offer comprehensive packaged HVAC unit services throughout the Jacksonville, FL area.

AC Designs Installs Packaged HVAC Units

We are happy to take care of your new system installation if you’re in the market for a new packaged unit. We can make sure that your system is well-chosen and then properly integrated into the rest of your household for maximum efficiency and performance quality. Our technicians are also available for packaged HVAC repair and maintenance, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for anything that might be getting between you and your comfort.

For repair and installation services for packaged HVAC units in Jacksonville, FL, reach out to our professionals today.


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