Duct Sealing, Repair and Replacement in Jacksonville, FL

Forced air distribution systems that use ductwork to circulate heated and cooled air throughout a building are very popular. Without a proper installation, maintenance and repair services, though, they can also be very inefficient. If you are concerned about potential energy losses associated with your ductwork system, then you may want to have it checked by a professional.

Our professional duct sealing, duct replacement and duct repair services in Jacksonville, FL may be what you need to reduce the amount of money you spend to keep your home comfortably heated and cooled. Have you noticed an increase in your energy costs? Compromised ductwork may be to blame. Contact our duct sealing and duct repair experts for more information.

AC Designs provides heating and air conditioning services to Jacksonville and the surrounding Northeast Florida area.

When Should I Schedule Duct Sealing or Repair?

There are a number of warning signs that your air ducts may be damaged or improperly sealed in your home. Such issues place unnecessary strain on your heating and air conditioning systems, forcing them to work harder than they should and reduce efficiency levels. Contact a professional for duct sealing and duct repair services if you notice any of the following problems.

  • Increased heating and cooling bills are a sure sign something is amiss if you have made no changes to your heating and cooling habits. Something is affecting the efficiency of your system, and it may be the air ducts. A professional inspection can tell you for sure.
  • Uneven heating or air conditioning throughout your home may also indicate a need for duct sealing or repair. If different rooms are different temperatures, it may mean the air ducts supplying those rooms are damaged or loose–fitting. Duct repair services help your HVAC system heat and cool your home more evenly.
  • The installation of a ductwork system can have a lot to do with its performance. If you see any tangled, crushed or otherwise improperly installed ductwork in visible areas, it may be the cause of your comfort and efficiency issues.

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