Why You Need a Specialist for Commercial HVAC Repair

ac designs team

You’ve started to notice hot or cold spots in the office, and customers or employees have noticed as well. Maybe there are odd burning smells coming from the vents, or rattling noises from the rooftop units above. Whatever the signs, you think you have repair issues with the commercial HVAC system that makes a comfortable environment in your business. Who should you call?

Always call a commercial specialist, a company that specifically handles commercial work. You can’t call up any HVAC company, and you certainly cannot rely on amateurs. You won’t save money because the system will not receive the quality work it should. Commercial systems need commercial repairs.

For the commercial HVAC repair in Jacksonville, FL that will get the job done quickly and right the first time, rely on a company with 11 years serving Jacksonville and Daytona businesses with top-rate service: AC Designs Inc. You can reach us 24 hours a day for those repairs that can’t wait.

Why Commercial Specialists Are Necessary

There are two major differences between commercial and residential HVAC systems that make it imperative that technicians receive special training to work on commercial systems:

  • Size: Commercial systems need to cover larger areas in general than residential ones. Even a sprawling mansion won’t need the power that a small business requires. It’s not only an issue of square footage but also the number of people that a commercial heater and air conditioner must keep comfortable. Handling numerous large rooftop units that must provide for sprawling spaces and many employees requires knowledge that goes past what’s necessary to take care of a home’s comfort system.
  • Configuration: The standard commercial HVAC is much different from a residential one. Usually, commercial air conditioners and heat pumps are “package units,” which contain all the components in one cabinet, instead of spread over two. This makes them very different to work on. These systems are also modular, not stand-alone, and this also separates the kind of repair work needed on them from other types of systems.

In addition, commercial repair specialists know how to keep a building up to electrical code, something that is rarely an issue with a home HVAC system. You don’t want a repair technician to accidentally wire up your faulty AC so it causes a potential safety problem that could shut down your business because of a violation.

As a business owner, you know the value of professionalism and skill: look for that in the contractor you choose to handle your commercial HVAC repair in Jacksonville, FL the next time you run into comfort issues. AC Designs Inc. is standing by with a highly trained staff to come to your company’s aid whenever you need us. Contact us today to schedule your next commercial HVAC service appointment.