The One Comfort System We Recommend for Any Homeowner

ac designs team

When you hear the term “heat pump” for the first time, you may think that this is not the right whole-house comfort system for someone living in Florida. After all, in our part of the country, we don’t get very much cold weather, and we are typically more concerned about air conditioning.

But we actually recommend heat pumps to homeowners in any part of the country, even here in the Ponte Vedra Beach area. That’s because a heat pump is actually a heating and cooling system in one.

A heat pump uses refrigeration

In fact, a heat pump is mainly an air conditioner, and it looks a lot like one, too. It has an indoor blower unit, just like a standard central AC, and an outdoor condenser/compressor unit. When you need air conditioning, refrigerant moves throughout the units. It absorbs heat from the air indoors and transfers this heat outdoors.

When you switch the thermostat into heating mode, refrigerant simply changes directions. It can transfer heat from the air outside of your home to the indoors, allowing for heating and cooling in one.

Heat pumps are highly efficient

A heat pump has efficiency ratings comparable to those of the most efficient central air conditioners, sometimes exceeding their ratings. In addition, it’s one of the most efficient ways to heat a home. Moving heat is a more efficient process than transferring heat, so this system is especially preferable over other forms of electric heat.

It’s perfect for any home

When you need a new comfort system, consider a heat pump over a separate heating and cooling system (or no heating system at all). In Florida, it seems useless to have a separate heating system that you’ll use sparingly throughout the year. Having one system to maintain is easier, and a heat pump is much more efficient than a portable heater (space heater).

Even without ducts, you can have a heat pump thanks to ductless mini-split technology. Individual blower units are mounted throughout the home, along with an outside compressor unit. It works just like a central heat pump, except that the blower units are spread out!

For more information about heat pumps in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, call the experts at AC Designs Inc.