All about a Common AC Repair: Capacitor Failure

ac designs team

It’s one of the most common fixes our AC technicians make. A failed capacitor affects the performance of the entire AC system because this is part of what makes it run. If you run into problems with your air conditioner’s capacitor, don’t despair; call local technicians to get the job done. And learn more about this part in the guide below.

A Capacitor Is a Small, Inexpensive Component

There are two types of capacitors in an air conditioner: a start capacitor and a run capacitor. The start capacitor is like a battery that has stored up enough energy to kick the AC into gear when it turns on, since air conditioner require so much electricity. A run capacitor helps the air conditioner to maintain its electrical charge.

Thankfully, capacitor replacement is one of the least expensive services your air conditioner can require (depending on the brand and model of your air conditioner). A capacitor is a small component that is readily available and relatively easy for a technician to replace.

Without a Capacitor, Your AC Cannot Start

It may be a small component, but it’s still one of the most important parts of your air conditioner. An issue called “hard starting” is commonly (though not always) caused by a broken capacitor. This is when the air conditioner struggles to start up, stutters as it runs, and then shuts off. Unfortunately, many people end up having to pay high emergency AC repair fees just to replace this small component.

Should the Capacitor Fail?

In some air conditioners, the capacitor seems to go out every year or two. And while it’s not the most expensive repair, you should know that it’s not normal. Poor maintenance often results in a capacitor failing before the lifespan of your unit is up because capacitors become overworked. Schedule AC maintenance twice a year and clean the filters regularly so that all of the components of your air conditioner remain in the best possible condition.

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