Why St. Augustine Residents Are Choosing Heat Pumps

ac designs team

If you’re looking for the perfect comfort system to get you through the year, you need to hear about why so many local residents are choosing heat pumps over other whole-home cooling systems. Sure, most of the year is hot and humid in our part of Florida. But a heat pump actually provides heating and cooling in one.

Here’s How It Works

The way a heat pump is designed is not too complicated to understand because it actually works a lot like an air conditioner. We’ll ignore the complexity of the components for the purpose of this blog. All you need to know, for now, is that an air conditioner works by removing heat. Since “cool” is not something that can be generated (like heat), you must remove heat from a space in order to cool it down.

Refrigerant is the name of the chemical that moves throughout the AC system. Indoors, it evaporates, and it is able to absorb heat from the air in your home. As refrigerant condenses in the outdoor unit, refrigerant can release heat, allowing a coil in the AC unit to cool, and cool air to pass through the system.

A heat pump is simply able to move in reverse. It absorbs heat from the outdoors and moves it inside—even in colder weather!

What Makes This System Popular?

That one’s easy to answer. Heat pumps are highly efficient! Moving heat is a more efficient way of getting heat into a space than heat generation. That means that heat pumps do not cost a ton of money to run to heat up your entire home.

Besides, it doesn’t make sense to have a separate furnace and AC system in a home in St. Augustine, Florida. That just means double the maintenance for a system that does not see a lot of use.

Portable heating systems just are not effective. And an electric furnace typically costs much more to run than a heat pump, no matter how efficient it may be.

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