A Thermostat Tip for Holiday Meals

ac designs team

In some parts of the country, large holiday meals with lots of people allow homeowners to shut off their heaters completely, as the heat from the kitchen provides enough comfort. In other parts of the country, a heating system is in full force during the holiday season.

But in Florida, we’re still running the AC during the holidays, dreading the extra heat from the kitchen and the warmth of all of those bodies. To keep your family comfortable, you may decide to turn down the thermostat to an extreme temperature—perhaps turning it all the way down to the 60°s.

Why you should not lower the temperature too much during a Thanksgiving meal

We don’t recommend this course of action. If you have your thermostat set to a comfortable temperature, like 77°F, this is the temperature the AC system will cool your home to. An air conditioner typically only moves at one speed: high. It will run until your home is 77°, and then it will shut off, turning on again as the home gets warmer.

In other words, when you lower the thermostat to an extreme temperature (like 67°), you only keep running the AC past the point of comfort. It will not cool the home any faster. It will only waste energy attempting to reach a temperature setting that may not be possible with the oven on, costing you a whole lot more on your monthly bills.

We strongly recommend that you get your air conditioner maintained by a professional AC service technician if you really want to be sure your unit is in the best condition possible. With a complete tune-up from a qualified technician, the system runs more smoothly, improving temperature accuracy.

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