Take a Look at the Advantages of a Variable Speed Heat Pump

ac designs team

“Variable speed” is a term that is relatively new to HVAC. Older air conditioning and heating systems did not have the ability to efficiently control fan speed in quite the same way as today’s variable speed heat pumps do. With a standard system, a blower fan runs at a single speed, and continues to blow air until the temperature in the home has reached the setting on the thermostat. But new technology has allowed for the creation of variable speed heat pumps for the ultimate in efficiency and performance.

Heat pumps provide efficient heating and cooling

If you live in a warm climate and you don’t already have a heat pump heating and cooling your home, you may be missing out. This single system has the ability to keep you comfortable year round and without running up your bills. Heat pumps often include high ratings for efficiency for air conditioning, and when compared to other electric heaters, a heat pump’s energy usage in the winter will surprise you. This is because a heat pump uses refrigeration to move heat into a home, and moving heat uses a lot less energy than generating it.

A fan shouldn’t have to run at full capacity at all times

A variable-speed heat pump makes this technology even more efficient. This is because the heat pump’s fan shouldn’t need to run at full capacity at all times—but this is what most heat pumps do. Rather than just turning on and off repeatedly, variable sped settings allow the fan speed to automatically readjust as needed, much like cruise control in a vehicle. This allows for better precision when it comes to the cooling load of the unit and less start-up and shut down, which means less wear and tear. Ultimately, a variable speed heat pump can last for longer and significantly cut down your bills.

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