Clean Your Air with UV Lights

ac designs team

Clean, breathable air is something that all of us should have access to in our own homes. Unfortunately, this is not guaranteed, even if you have an air filter in your HVAC (heating and air conditioning) system. Air filters trap contaminants so that they cannot continue to circulate in your home. However, the standard air filter can only remove particles 10 micrometers in size or greater. And some of the worst contaminants are much smaller than this.

Allergies and Microorganisms

Living microorganisms like bacteria and viruses are so small that most standard home HVAC filters just don’t cut it when it comes to eliminating them from the air. These microorganisms are likely to aggravate the symptoms of anyone with severe allergies or with asthma. And for anyone with an immune system disorder, the presence of such microorganisms can be particularly troublesome. Your air conditioning and heating system only help to recirculate such contaminants, meaning that a whole-home solution is necessary if you want to stay healthy.

UV Germicidal Light: How It Works

A UV germicidal light system, or UV air purifier, can help to keep these microorganisms out of the air you breathe. The system is installed in the HVAC system, so that all of the air that is heated or cooled passes by the ultraviolet light before it gets to the vents in your home. Ultraviolet light can automatically kill and sterilize small living matter.

You’ll need a professional to ensure that the UV germicidal light system is installed properly. Improper installation may be unsafe, or you could harm the efficiency of the air conditioning and heating system. An indoor air quality specialist can help you to pick out the system that’s right for you.

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