Are the Coils of Your Air Conditioner Clean?

ac designs team

Most people have heard before that an important part of AC maintenance is cleaning or replacing the air filter. But did you know that cleaning the coils of your air conditioner or heat pump is just as important a task? While you may not need to do it so often, the coils that are part of the outside portion of your system can collect dust and dirt rather easily due to their exposure to the elements. And if you don’t get them cleaned regularly, they could become a problem for your air conditioner, your comfort, and your bills, as we describe here.

Why Clean Coils Matter

The coils of your air conditioning system are responsible in part for the exchange of heat that takes place during the refrigeration process. There are coils located inside the home and outside, and refrigerant runs between the two coils to absorb heat from the inside air and release it indoors. Outside at the condenser coil, refrigerant condenses (turns from a gas to a liquid), and it is able to release heat into the air surrounding the condenser unit.

But if the coils are too dirty, it may be unable to accomplish this. Heat cannot release with ease, potentially causing the entire system to malfunction. Various parts of the system could become worn out from excessive work, the inside coil might freeze, and any repairs you’ll have to make could cost a lot more than the initial cost of cleaning a coil.

Cleaning Off the Coils

We don’t recommend that you clean off the outside coils on your own. You would not want to create a situation in which an improper cleaning leaves the coils damaged and they end up needing to be replaced. Call your local AC and heating technicians for a thorough cleaning of the coil during an annual maintenance visit. Routine cooling system maintenance can help to extend the lifespan of your air conditioner, and it can improve efficiency and performance.

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