Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Repair Services

ac designs team

The HVAC system in your commercial property plays a critical role in day-to-day operations: without a comfortable environment with controlled humidity, worker productivity will suffer and you can also end up with unhappy customers and clients. If your commercial HVAC in Daytona Beach, FL begins to falter and negatively affect the comfort inside the workspace, you need to call for repair specialists to take care of the problem, fast.

AC Designs Inc. is a name you can trust for quality commercial HVAC services. We have helped businesses in the greater Jacksonville and Daytona areas stay comfortable—no matter the weather outside—for more than a decade. Make us your first call when it comes to taking care of the air conditioning and heating for your commercial property.

Here are some signs to watch for that warn you need professional repair services:

Noisy Heating/Cooling Operation

Modern commercial heating and air conditioning units for businesses are designed to work with a minimum of noise pollution; you don’t need a distracting rumbling noise bothering your employees and/or customers. When strange sounds begin to come from the vents, or the compressor starts to create bizarre noises every time it turns on, you may have major mechanical issues inside the HVAC system that will require trained technicians to investigate.

Elevated Utility Bills

We know that you keep a close watch on the finances for your company, and that includes the regular utility bills. When an HVAC unit starts to malfunction, it will make the heater and air conditioner work harder to achieve their expected temperature levels, and this will create a spike in the utility bills. If you cannot account for a sudden rise on these bills, call for repair specialists to see if there is anything wrong with the HVAC system.

Hot or Cold Spots in the Workspace

As a heater or air conditioner starts to fail due to a repair need, it will create uneven temperatures. If employees or customers start to complain about certain rooms feeling uncomfortably warm or cool, you should look into repairs for the system. One likely possibility is that the unit is leaking refrigerant and losing its ability to condition the air. There is also the chance that the thermostat system is miscalibrated or otherwise malfunctioning.

To help keep repair problems from threatening your commercial property’s comfort, arrange to have regular maintenance. Experienced commercial technicians will inspect the system twice a year (once in spring, once in fall) to see that it has no impending repair issues that need addressing. The technicians will also tune-up the HVAC system so that it runs at its maximum efficiency.

In Daytona Beach, FL, commercial HVAC repair from AC Designs Inc. will make certain your commercial space remains comfortable throughout the year. You can contact us for regular maintenance as well.