Why Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance Before Winter

ac designs team

Few home comfort systems are better suited to the weather in Florida than a heat pump. Heat pumps provide cooling during the hot summers and early autumns that equal the best air conditioning systems. During the short cold weather period, a heat pump is more than sufficient to keep a home cozy without losing efficiency (which is something that can happen to them in colder climates).

Because a heat pump takes on the job of two different systems, a heater and an air conditioner, it needs to have rigorous maintenance done not once a year, but twice. As far as maintenance is concerned, a heat pump is two separate systems: an AC that needs an inspection and tune-up during the spring, and a heater that needs it during the fall.

To keep your heat pump in Orange Park, FL ready to handle the rest of the year and the beginning of the next, arrange for maintenance from AC Designs Inc. We will help you save money with more efficient performance and fewer repairs in the future for your heat pump.

Here are some of the reasons that heat pump maintenance is important during the fall:

Reduce energy inefficiency

A heat pump does a lot of work during the spring and summer while it’s in cooling mode, and all this stress will cause its components to start to wear down and collect dust. As the heating season starts, the heat pump might begin to operate inefficiently and cost more to operate—sometimes as much as 20% more. Maintenance will see that the unit is cleaned, its important parts lubricated and tuned-up, and that nothing interferes with its efficient operation.

Head off potential repairs

Approximately 85% of repairs that a heat pump may need can be prevented through regular maintenance. Checking for potential repair issues before they become repair issues is one of the basic parts of the maintenance technician’s job.

Prevent surprise breakdowns

A heat pump that has worked diligently through the summer and into the fall may possibly crash and stop working during a cold winter day. You don’t want to have the heat pump’s heating function stop working the first moment you actually need it.

Extended lifespan

A heat pump, as with any comfort system, cannot live up to its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan and beyond unless it receives routine maintenance. If a heat pump misses maintenance entirely, it may not even reach half its estimated service life.

To get started with maintenance for your heat pump before the cooler weather arrives, call AC Designs Inc. and enroll in our maintenance plan. We are also here whenever you need us for emergency repairs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.