Common Repairs for Ductless Air Conditioning

ac designs team

Ductless air conditioning is one of the best ways to cool a home without the use of ductwork. Some older homes or new room extensions do not have ductwork set up and it may be a hassle to install. Instead of trying to cool your home or room with fans or window air conditioners, you may choose a ductless mini split air conditioner to provide efficient, quiet cooling, and, in many cases, heating as well. But if you’re considering ductless installation, or if you already own one of these systems, you may be concerned about the potential need for air conditioning repair that may go along with it.

Ductless air conditioners work much like central air conditioners, except that air is distributed through individual air handlers in place of ducts. Like traditional AC, refrigerant cycles through an indoor and outdoor unit, undergoing a series of phase changes to remove heat from the air in your home. Because all of the major parts are in place, ductless AC may need the same types of repairs as traditional units. But some repairs may be more common with ductless units. Here are a few reasons you may eventually need to call for air conditioning repair if you own a ductless mini split system.

  • Low Refrigerant: Refrigerant is an important component of your air conditioner, and without it you may not feel enough cool air or any at all from some air handlers. If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, it may be due to loose connections, corrosion, or a leak from the compressor, which could indicate major damage.
  • Thermostat Trouble: Ductless units may be prone to thermostat trouble because of how the units are controlled. Each air handler is wired to its own thermostat for individual zone control in each area of the home. Usually, each of these also hooks up to a central master thermostat as well, which controls the entire system. If you’re experiencing problems starting one or more units, it may be due to problems with the thermostat wiring.
  • Aesthetics: Finally, ductless owners may call for air conditioning repair for aesthetic purposes. Ductless blower units are mounted to the wall or suspended from the ceiling, but faulty installation may lead the units to peel away from the wall.

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