New Technology Makes Variable-Speed Heat Pumps Highly Efficient

ac designs team

When you’re shopping around for a new comfort system, you’ll have a wide range of options available. Heat pumps are some of the most efficient systems there are if you live in a climate like ours, where we rarely need heating but still want an efficient system for both cooling and heating.

And today, heat pumps are even more efficient than they’ve ever been before.

Variable-Speed/Two-Speed Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are heating and cooling systems in one, using refrigerant to both cool and heat air (whichever is needed), and the air ducts in your home to push air out to the rooms of your home. A blower fan sucks in air and also pushes it out into your home. And this blower fan typically only moves at one speed: 100%.

Variable-speed heat pumps are able to move at several different speeds, lowering the fan motor speed as needed to reduce the amount of energy it is using. At partial speed, your home is still comfortable, but it doesn’t consume so much energy, which means it is far more efficient overall.

The Already-Advanced Technology of a Heat Pump

Since their early development, heat pumps have been at the forefront of HVAC technology. Heat pumps use advanced cooling technology to move heat out of a home, in the summer, just like a standard central air conditioner. But in the in the winter, when you need heat, it can absorb heat from the outdoors and move it in.

Moving heat is a more efficient process than creating, or generating heat (like a furnace or boiler does). But heat pumps of the past still hadn’t perfected the highest levels of efficiency. Many people are surprised to see that heat pumps work better than ever before, and that’s all thanks to advancements in installation, sizing, and manufacturing and the new technologies available in the HVAC industry. If you are replacing an older heat pump, you might be surprised as well!

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