Make Energy Savings a New Year’s Resolution

ac designs team

Saving money is a common New Year’s resolution, but many people don’t look at all the ways they can be saving around the home. Budgeting for groceries and entertainment is a start, but why not also focus on how to cut back on monthly bills and leave more money for what you really want?

This year, make a resolution to save money on the systems you use every day!

Reconsider that Window Unit

If you currently use a window air conditioner to keep your home cool, you might be wasting your money. Compared to central air conditioners, window units cost a lot less upfront. But they are not required to be as efficient as central units and waste a lot of money over their lifetimes, which are often too short. Have you considered ductless air conditioning?

Repair Your Air Conditioner

Maybe your air conditioner has been making a strange noise for a long time, or perhaps that slight drop in temperatures is relatively new. Either way, you should have it repaired ASAP. The longer you wait, the worse a problem can get. And that means your goal to save money could be shot if you have to spend hundreds of dollars on unexpected AC repairs later in the year. Plus, a smoothly-running AC system uses less energy.

Seal Leaks in the Home

If you can see sunlight coming in around doors or if there are cracks around your windows, it’s time to visit your local home improvement store. Caulk and weather stripping can go a long way in reducing energy usage, reducing strain on an AC.

Switch to LED Lighting

You’ll notice in the store that good LED lightbulbs cost more than other bulbs. But LED lighting uses about 75% less energy than an incandescent bulb might.

Join a Maintenance Program for Your AC

Signing up for a local maintenance program with a qualified air conditioning company is one easy way to save money for a long time to come. Each year, you receive tune-ups of your air conditioning equipment that helps it to run smoothly and efficiently, and potentially to last for longer.

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