Is Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating the Solution You Need?

ac designs team

When you want a long-lasting, high-efficiency solution to your comfort troubles, a room AC system or heater simply won’t do the trick. Window AC units are loud, inefficient, and troublesome. And portable, electric heaters use a whole lot of energy and are known to be dangerous.

That’s why you should call professionals to learn more about ductless air conditioning and heating installation. They solve a lot of the most common comfort problems associated with homes without any air ducts, and you don’t have to make any major renovations to the home to reap the benefits.


For the most part, ductless air conditioning and heating can be installed in less than a day. Technicians don’t need to tear apart your home to install a whole-house system because a simple refrigerant line and control system connects the indoor and outdoor components.

They install multiple indoor units, mounting them high up on the walls and out of the way. Only a small hole must be drilled in the wall to join them with the central outside unit.

Highly Efficient

What makes ductless air conditioning and heating so efficient? Unlike with portable and room units, they must follow strict national standards for efficiency comparable to or exceeding similarly sized whole-home AC equipment. Professional installation ensures the right fit and that it runs properly. And for heating, there is no equivalent since moving heat from place to place requires minimal energy.


The equipment is sized just right for your home, so you can count on whole-home comfort for over a decade to come (in most cases). In addition, you have separate thermostats around the house for eah indoor unit, which means you can manage temperatures separately in different rooms of the home if needed!

For all of your air conditioning and heating needs in St. Augustine, FL, give AC Designs Inc. a call. We will deliver above your expectations!