Is Your Air Filter the Reason for Your Energy Bills?

ac designs team

Every air conditioning and heating system that uses forced-air ventilation to bring comfortable temperatures to the home has a filter. This air filter serves a very important purpose—protecting your AC unit from the damage of incoming debris. But, it might also be the reason your monthly bills are so high.

Check out two ways your air filter may actually be costing you, and find out what you should do to keep your AC equipment operating smoothly and efficiently.

If your air filter is dirty

You may have heard before that you should change the filter in your HVAC system each and every month. But do you know why? Changing the filter helps to prevent problems that may result in frozen AC coils, low airflow, and poor efficiency.

The clogged filter won’t allow as much air through as a clean filter will. That means that your system is unable to provide the right amount of airflow to the space in your home—and you’re a lot less comfortable. In addition, your system starts to struggle, using a lot of energy to attempt to cool your house. Frozen coils from the lack of warm air means the heat exchange process cannot complete itself. And all of this can be prevented by simply changing the air filter each month!

If your air filter is too effective

When comparing their options, some homeowners decide that a better air filter that costs more will result in cleaner air, and is therefore the best option for replacing an older filter. However, the stronger the filter, the more likely it is to block airflow. Restricted airflow causes a lot of problems for your air conditioner, as we described above.

Before you select a filter that’s too powerful, consult an HVAC technician. You may be better off with a UV air cleaner that kills germs without getting in the way of your AC and heating systems.

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