How to Reduce AC Repair Costs

ac designs team

Nobody wants to get hit with an AC repair bill that is hundreds of dollars more than expected. Keep repair costs lower and reduce wear and tear on your central air conditioning system by following our expert tips below.

Call for repairs as soon as possible

Perhaps the best advice we can offer is to call a technician as soon as you notice a problem with your AC system. When your air conditioner is not performing the way it always has, that indicates a major issue, no matter what it may be.

Something like a clicking noise or a system that shuts off too frequently may seem like only a small issue to you. But it can progress quickly, and additional parts experience wear and tear the longer you let the problem go on. This ultimately raises the cost of a repair that may have been inexpensive initially—if only you had called technicians sooner!

Get maintenance twice a year

Annual maintenance visits are an excellent way to ensure your system is in the best shape possible. But here in Florida, where people tend to use their air conditioners for most of the year, we strongly recommend twice annual maintenance visits.

A maintenance check includes a tune-up that gets your air conditioner into excellent condition. More importantly, an inspection can reveal air conditioning issues you weren’t aware of, so you can get repairs as soon as possible and prevent high costs.

Change your filter regularly

You might be surprised to hear how much damage a dirty filter can really do. All of the dirt that builds up in a filter can actually block the airflow that goes through. This causes the air conditioner to become overworked, and quite commonly leads to problems like frozen coils. Change your filter each month!

Set the temperature properly

The more you mess with your thermostat, constantly readjusting temperatures or setting it to extreme lows, the faster your air conditioner wears down.

The best practice is to find an efficient temperature that people in your home are content with—like 78°F—and keeping it there with the help of a programmable thermostat. Raise the temperature by 5-10° when you are away to save money and reduce additional wear and tear.

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