Tune Up Your Air Conditioner Today

ac designs team

Have you ever seen the monthly bills during a hot month and wished there was a way you could be comfortable without spending money? We’ve all been there, and unfortunately, air conditioners are necessary in the Jacksonville area. But there are ways to lower your bills without shutting off the AC.

Our advice is similar for most households in most parts of the country that need air conditioners for part of the year. Turn the temperature to the highest temperature you can all be comfortable with—try 78!—and leave it there, adjusting it higher when you go out or sleep. And be sure to keep up with regular maintenance!

What are the best practices for keeping your air conditioner well-tuned and operating at its most efficient?

Professional Tune-Ups

Professional AC tune-ups should occur at least once a year in most parts of the US, but twice a year in a warm climate like ours. We recommend one in the spring, before summer really picks up, and one in the fall. This way, you can expect year-long function and efficiency.

A tune-up consists of a three-part process that can help to improve efficiency and alert you to anything requiring urgent attention.

  • An inspection
  • Small adjustments to the system
  • Cleaning the coil for better efficiency

Filter Changes

It’s also important that you change your filter each and every month. Make a note of this on your calendar. While your technician may do this during a maintenance visit, it should be completed more than twice a year.

Over time, your air filter gets clogged up with bits of debris that can reduce the amount of air that’s able to get through to the system. This restriction on airflow can cause coils to freeze, efficiency to drop dramatically, and repairs to become necessary soon enough.

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