Is There Supposed to Be Ice on My Air Conditioner?

ac designs team

Your air conditioning system has the ability to make your home downright chilly, so you might not be surprised to see ice developing on the inside portion of the unit. For an appliance that uses refrigeration, this might appear to be a normal part of operation.

However, ice on the coil is never a good sign. It’s a common problem that results from a number of issues within an air conditioner, and you must resolve the problem so that your air conditioner can operate as usual once more.

What’s So Bad about Ice on the Coils?

The inside evaporator coil of your air conditioner is the component likely to develop a layer of ice over time, and it’s always a sign of a problem. Refrigerant moves through this coil, absorbing heat and moving that heat to the outdoors. That’s part of the process of cooling down a home: heat exchange.

When a layer of ice coats the coil, refrigerant is unable to properly absorb heat from the air blowing over the coil. And that means that it can easily become overworked attempting to compensate for the loss. Your air conditioner may break down with worn-down components. And as the ice thaws, you might start to have issues with water leaking in your home.

If you notice ice anywhere in your AC system, call technicians to resolve the problem!

How Does It Get There in the First Place?

You should do your best to avoid allowing for ice to build up in the system in the first place. It’s often preventable.

The ice forms either because, for some reason or other, the refrigerant in the coil is not warm enough to balance out temperatures and keep condensation on the coil from freezing over. The problem could be:

  • A dirty coil that will not allow enough airflow in.
  • Problems with the blower fan motor.
  • A lack of refrigerant.

But you’ll need a professional air conditioning technician to help you narrow down the problem with certainty. Get air conditioning maintenance completed twice a year to help prevent freezing coils and change the filter monthly.

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