AC Maintenance Projects to Take On in the Off-Season

ac designs team

The “off-season” in Florida is that time of year when we don’t really need our air conditioners anymore—at least not all the time. We probably don’t need the heat on for long hours either, and we might even open up the windows and forget about using up energy on air conditioning for a while.

We may have some temperature spikes here and there. But on those days when the weather is just right, there are a few tasks you can take on that will improve your overall efficiency for the time you do need your air conditioner more often.

DIY Project: Sealing Air Leaks

A great one-day project to improve energy efficiency around the home is to seal up air leaks. You can do this on your own—identifying areas around the home where air and heat are able to move in and out, and sealing them up. This may improve energy efficiency more than you think!

You’ll need to gather some supplies. Caulk is great for sealing cracks and gaps anywhere in the home. Weatherstripping seals leaks around windows and doors. Learn more from this guide from the department of energy.

Stocking up on Filters

You can also take this time to stock up on air filters, so that you don’t rush out to get them every single month. Grab a few at a time the next time you’re at the hardware store. Or they may even have standard air filters at your local discount retailer—but check sizing and efficiency before grabbing any filter off the shelf.

Signing Up for a Maintenance Plan

Signing up for a maintenance plan with your local heating and air conditioning contractor can save you a lot of money over time. You’ll get annual tune-ups of your air conditioning and heating equipment, which has been proven to improve energy efficiency and prevent HVAC repairs. In addition, many plans come with benefits throughout the year, like priority service and select discounts for maintenance customers.

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