3 Things to Know When You’re Looking for a New Air Conditioner

ac designs team

Searching for a new home comfort installation can be stressful. Most people are not very familiar with the HVAC industry, especially since you only need to shop for new home comfort systems every ten years or so. And that means you may not be familiar with modern efficiency ratings or upgrades available today. Make the process easier by following these tips.

#1: Find the right company for the job

The most important piece of advice we can offer is to make sure you have found a good company to help you through the AC installation process. Search online for reviews or ask friends for recommendations—but be careful. This is NOT a job you can give to just anyone. A handyman or an amateur installer may not get the measurements correctly, and this could cost you later on. An improperly sized air conditioner will not cool a home properly or efficiently and is more likely to break down sooner.

#2: Prioritize efficiency

We know it’s tempting to shop around for the least expensive system. Air conditioners are not cheap. But you do get what you pay for. And besides, tax credits may be available for more efficient systems, and rebates are often available.

A high-efficiency AC system is typically more cost-effective in the long run, assuming it is properly installed and maintained. Because you save money every month, the total cost of ownership works out in your favor.

#3: Upgrade your thermostat too

If you’re tired of an older thermostat that’s difficult to work and that doesn’t offer you much control over your climate preferences, ask technicians to upgrade your thermostat to a Wi-Fi thermostat during the installation. That way, you know you’ll get a thermostat that is compatible with your HVAC equipment, and you’ll have a positive experience with your new AC system from the beginning. You can control the temperature in your home even when you are at work or elsewhere.

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