When to Contact a Professional for Air Conditioning Repair

ac designs team

The air conditioner in your Florida home is an intricate machine that consists of motors, indoor and outdoor units, a compressor, refrigerant, fans, and a system of ducts. Although today’s ACs are designed to handle stress and long periods of use, they cannot be 100% error-free. Eventually, you will need a professional to handle the repairs and upkeep on your air conditioning system so that a malfunction doesn’t make your home uncomfortable.

Here are some signs that may indicate a serious issue that requires professional work. If you notice any of these, call the staff at AC Designs Inc. to schedule air conditioning repair in Jacksonville, FL.

Strange noises: The soothing white noise of your air conditioner is something you’re familiar with. But if that sound is interrupted with clanging, grinding, or banging noises, it could mean any number of problems that might be catastrophic to your AC unless take care of. A broken compressor, a burnt-out capacitor, a bent fan, a failing motor… any of these malfunctions requires an expert to repair them as soon as possible.

Unusual smells: If the air wafting from the vents starts to carry an odd odor you’ve never noticed before, it might indicate breaks in the ducts or a problem with your condensate drain.

Less effective cooling: An AC that cooling effectively is probably in need of repair. If you find spots in your home that are no longer getting as cool as they should be no matter how you set the thermostat, get a technician in the moment you can to diagnose what’s wrong. Many small problems with your AC can balloon into larger issues if ignored, which is why it is usually better to call for repair sooner rather than later when noticing signs like this.

Even if nothing seems wrong with your air conditioning, its good to have it inspected annually. We recommend the owners of home AC systems get maintenance done at least once a year. The fall is a good time to schedule a check and tune-up, since technicians are less busy in the stretch between summer and winter. A maintenance check will make sure that your AC is working at peak efficiency, with good air flow, no electrical issues, and no problems with the various motors. A technician will catch warning signs of potential troubles that might spell expensive repairs in the future. Enrolling in regular maintenance is one of the best ways to save money when it comes to your AC.

When you know it’s time to call a professional for your air conditioning repair in Jacksonville, FL, make AC Designs Inc. your first call. We offer a maintenance program and 24/7 emergency service throughout Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, and the surrounding Northeast Florida area.