Can Routine Maintenance Ward Off a Costly Air Conditioning Repair

ac designs team

A good, efficient air conditioner is a must for living in Florida. Our summers are hot and muggy, and the temperature remains high the rest of the year as well. But you shouldn’t expect your AC that has happily chugged away keeping you cool to do so indefinitely. Like any device, an air conditioner will begin to suffer wear and tear after years of use. Scheduling routine maintenance can help prevent the need for air conditioning repair in Daytona Beach.

Think of your air conditioner as if it were a car. In Daytona Beach, chances are that you run your air conditioner more often than you drive your car—probably much more often. You wouldn’t let your car run make do without regular tune-ups. Why should a complex and important machine like your air conditioner get different treatment? Having either your car or air conditioner break down is an enormous hassle. Routine maintenance is one of best ways to see that it doesn’t happen.

At AC Designs, Inc., we always recommend that our customers enroll in a preventive maintenance program. We wouldn’t do this if we didn’t know from experience that routine maintenance can ward off very costly fixes to your air conditioner down the road—or even the need for a complete replacement of the system.

When an HVAC professional comes to your home for regular maintenance, you will receive a full check on all the components in your air conditioner to make sure they are operating at optimal levels. The maintenance technician will examine the airflow, filters, electrical connections, air handler cabinet, evaporator coils, and motors. If necessary, the technician will drain the condensate pan and clean out the drain. If any serious problems are discovered, you will receive a recommendation on what repairs should be done.

The professionals at AC Designs Inc. are all NATE-certified and will provide you with the high quality air conditioning repair in Daytona Beach that you need. Set up an appointment with us today!