Top Reasons to Finance Your AC System

A piggy bank and a miniature AC system

All air conditioning units eventually reach the end of their lifetimes. However, without annual maintenance, homeowners are not always prepared to fully invest in a new unit. This can result in costly, unexpected expenses. If the added cost of a new AC unit isn’t in the budget this year, consider these reasons to finance your AC system.

When you finance your AC system, you can bring immediate comfort to your home while saving energy and balancing your budget without upfront costs. At AC Designs, our certified technicians are here to keep your home cool with a variety of financing options that won’t break the bank. 

Long-Term Energy Savings 

Financing your AC system won’t just save you money upfront, but it will also save you money in the long run. Without preventative AC maintenance, older units that haven’t been replaced in years tend to operate less efficiently, which often results in higher energy bills. 

When choosing a new and improved unit, purchase energy-efficient equipment labeled with an ENERGY STAR by the United States EPA. This label indicates that your product meets certain energy efficiency requirements and conserves more energy than standard alternatives.

The more energy efficient your system is, the more savings you will experience per month on your energy bills. These long-term saving benefits can provide you with extra funding to cover your loan repayment.

Avoid Large Costs Upfront

Take advantage of financing options to avoid paying for an entire HVAC system upfront. This option can be easier on the wallet if you’re faced with purchasing a new unit altogether, especially if it wasn’t worked into your original plans or annual budget.

Financing can also provide more manageable payments that allow you to use your money in other necessary areas around the home. Additionally, you’ll experience significant maintenance savings from a newer unit built to operate more efficiently. 

There are lots of financing options available through both AC Designs and other suppliers. View our available choices today to determine the best credit plan for you.

Get Immediate Relief from the Heat

No family wants to be without an AC unit for days on end during a hot summer or cold winter. If you are in need of a new unit immediately but can’t afford the $3,000 to $6,000 investment, financing allows you to get relief as soon as possible, regardless of what you can pay. 

You’re given the opportunity to choose your payment plan and sign up for payments that make sense for you and your budget. This way, you won’t have to spend months saving up for a new system without heating and cooling in your home, removing any potential stress and financial discomfort. 

New AC units can be big investments. However, with dozens of financing options personalized to your budget, you can avoid hefty fees and replace your unit immediately to cut down on your monthly energy bills. AC Designs is a trusted AC company in Jacksonville, FL that is dedicated to providing customers with the best financial options. Schedule an appointment today to discuss options to finance your AC system.