How to Choose a Long-Lasting AC Unit

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Purchasing a new air conditioning unit is a big investment. That’s why it is important for homeowners to choose the right type, size and SEER rating to ensure that their new HVAC functions properly throughout its intended lifespan. Homeowners must also learn the proper ways to maintain their units to last for years to come. At AC Designs, our experienced technicians are here to educate you on the different types of long-lasting AC units and how to take care of them.

Finding the Right Unit for Your Home 

When shopping for a new unit, there are multiple types to consider to ensure the system is right for your home. Choose from ducted central air systems, mini-split systems or window units based on your budget and the size of your home. 

You should also consider additional add-ons that your home may require, such as dehumidifiers to improve indoor air quality. Some homes may also benefit from REME halo units to reduce pollutants and pathogens or UV germicidal lights to remove contaminants.

Ducted Central-Air Systems

Ducted systems evenly distribute air throughout your home using ducts and are known to save both money and energy. While installation can be expensive, ducted central-air systems make it easy to control your entire home’s temperature and are a dependable, long-lasting option. 

Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split systems, or ductless ac units, are more affordable options that do not require full-sized ducts to cool your home. Instead, cool air is distributed through multiple indoor units that connect to a master compressor. With the ability to heat or cool specific rooms as needed, this option can be more energy efficient than ducted systems. 

Window Units

While window units are the easiest AC system to install, consider the size of your home before choosing this option. Bigger homes typically require several units, which can result in an unnecessarily high expense. Multiple units operating at once can also result in abnormally high electric bills each month.

The Best SEER Rating for Your Home

The SEER rating of your AC unit can have a significant impact on how efficiently it operates. If your unit isn’t running effectively due to a low SEER rating, you may encounter a greater need for repairs, which can shorten your system’s lifespan. 

Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings are calculated by dividing your home’s annual cooling output during the cooling season by the total electric energy input. Air conditioning units with higher SEER ratings often use less energy to cool your home effectively, which results in lower monthly bills. 

The minimum SEER rating for air conditioners is currently 13, and most modern units fall between 13 and 21. In 2023, the U.S. Department of Energy will raise the minimum efficiency requirements for central air conditioners and air-source heat pumps. 

The minimum SEER rating for AC units and heat pumps is expected to increase from 13 to 14 in northern states and 14 to 15 in southern states. This increase in efficiency will allow homeowners to use less electricity for the same amount of cooling. 

Ways to Make Your AC Unit Last Longer

The best way to ensure your unit is long-lasting is to ensure that it is properly maintained. It is important to replace air filters frequently and schedule regular AC maintenance at least once a year to check for inefficiencies. 

Homeowners should also clean their unit’s ducts to ensure that the system is operating properly without blockages from debris or other particles. Check for leaks often to catch them early and avoid costly damages if left unattended. 

AC Design’s preferred customer maintenance program can provide you with all services necessary to keep your unit functioning efficiently. We offer two pre-scheduled system checks per year, in addition to priority scheduling and replacement, after-hours emergency service, discounts and more. 

When investing in a new, long-lasting AC unit, consider the needs of your budget, family and home. No matter the system you choose, it is important to perform regular maintenance to ensure that your new unit is prepared to last for years. Schedule a maintenance appointment with the experienced AC technicians at AC Designs today.