Air Conditioning Repair Tip 4: What Increased Airborne Pollutants Mean

ac designs team

When it comes to air conditioning repair, St. Augustine, FL has unique needs that should be addressed. Florida summers a rife with heat and humidity, which you can avoid by establishing a cool, comfortable environment inside your home. Besides keeping your air conditioning unit in good shape and ensuring that it works at peak capacity, it means sealing leaks around your windows and doors, adding insulation in your attic, and changing the filters in your HVAC system to decrease the amount of airborne pollutants. But what are airborne pollutants and how do they overlap with St. Augustine FL air conditioning repair needs? Here’s a quick primer on what increased airborne pollutants mean.

The phrase “airborne pollutants” refers to any number of particles in the air that are not conducive to overall health. This can include pollen and other allergens; coal and wood particles from fireplaces; tobacco smoke; industrial pollutants; pet dander; and even plan old-fashioned skin cells that we shed every day.

The effects of increased airborne pollutants in your home aren’t usually devastating, but they can have an impact on your overall health and quality of life. If you suffer from allergies, higher pollutant levels in the air can make them worse. Even if you don’t, you can still suffer from an irritated nose and throat, as well as dealing with increased amounts of dust on your furnishings. In the worst case scenario, dust-build-up in your system can interfere with your air conditioner’s ability to function: lowering air flow and increasing strain on your system.

St. Augustine, FL benefits from its coastal climate, which means that its air quality is fairly high. You want the same quality inside your home as out, which you can maintain both by changing the air filters regularly and by scheduling routine maintenance to clean your air conditioning system. Both will reduce the amount of airborne pollutants in your system and make for cleaner air in your home. For these and other St. Augustine, FL air conditioning repair needs, call on AC Designs, Inc.. We can explain what increased airborne pollutants mean, and recommend ways to lower them inside your home.