Clogged Filters and Air Conditioning Repair in Daytona Beach

ac designs team

Air conditioning repair in Daytona Beach can be a serious matter, with our hot weather nearly year round. Anything you can do to defer or delay a serious repair call will leave you and your family without a cool, comfortable home on hot days. Along with regular maintenance visits, changing your air filters regularly will help keep your air conditioner in good condition and lower the risk of repairs. Here’s the link between clogged filters and air conditioning repair in Daytona Beach.

In addition to helping keep dust and dirt out of your home, air filters help keep your air conditioner itself clear of dust and debris. When duct gathers on internal components, it can seriously affect your air conditioner’s ability to do its job: increasing friction on moving parts and preventing the evaporator coils from cooling the air as wells as they should. As strain on the unit builds, your monthly air conditioning costs will go up, as well as increasing the chances of a significant breakdown in the near future.

The air filter is supposed to stop all of that, or at least delay the build-up of dust and dirt in the system. When the filter gets clogged, however, it’s not doing its job, and probably reducing air flow into your home to boot.

You can help alleviate a lot of these problems simply by changing your air filter before it gets clogged. The exact time to do that can vary, though, depending on how much dust you have in your home and if you have any pets.

To that, add a regular maintenance schedule from a trained professional. He can clean the dust and debris off of the air conditioning components, as well as tightening loose bolts and recharging low refrigerant. If you are concerned about clogged air filters, the experts at AC Designs can help. Call us today to set up an appointment.