Inaccurate Temperatures in the Home? It May Be the Ducts!

ac designs team

The temperature in your home struggles to reach the temperature you have set on your thermostat, and some rooms may feel a lot colder or warmer than others. For many people, the first assumption is that there is a problem with the air conditioning or heating system—which has mechanical, electrical, and/or gas components and is likely to suffer some damage over time. But few suspect that the main culprit may actually be something that does not have all of these moving components—the air ducts.

The Design of the Air Ducts

Your air ducts are probably made up of sheet metal, plastic (as with flexible ducts), or fiberglass duct boards. It is typically installed in pieces that are secured together, and they are often insulated for better performance and HVAC system efficiency. Some ducts contain zone control systems—dampers that automatically open and close to allow for temperature variation in different rooms of the home.

What Can Go Wrong

Think about the last time you had a technician thoroughly look inside of your ducts. Chances are that this was very long ago, or that you do not have this done very often. That’s because we often think that, since the ducts are essentially a pathway from your heater/air conditioner to your home, there is little that can go wrong. But uneven or inaccurate temperatures often indicate that this is where the problem takes place. Here are some examples:

  • Collapsed Ducts – A result of aging or poor installation.
  • Duct Leaks – Due to the high amount of air pressure the ducts take on over the years and a lack of maintenance.
  • Zone Control Issues – A zone control system needs maintenance, just like any other mechanical system.

The EPA estimates that most duct systems are leaking, and that the typical duct system loses about 20-30% of the air intended to condition your home. Call a technician for duct repair or for an inspection if you suspect an issue with your ducts.

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