How Variable Speed Technology Keeps You More Comfortable

ac designs team

One of the latest technological advancements in the manufacturing of heat pumps, furnaces, and AC equipment is the variable speed blower fan. A variable-speed heat pump is one of the best options for whole-home heating and cooling in our area due to the high levels of efficiency and precision heating and cooling it offers. Take a look at how it works and why we recommend these to so many customers!

Typical AC and Heat Pump Technology

An air conditioner uses refrigerant to move heat out of the air in a home, which in turn cools an indoor evaporator coil which air blows past before moving into your home. A heat pump uses the same technology to heat your home in the summertime, reversing refrigerant flow to move heat indoors. In the typical heat pump, the blower fan turns at only one speed. When you need air or heat, the fan turns on. Once the temperatures in the home are adequate, the fan turns back off again.

The Difference of Variable Speed Technology

When a fan only moves at one speed, it can be difficult for the temperatures in the home to remain consistent. Temperatures between rooms may often vary, and you may feel uncomfortable when the fan is shut off. A variable-speed blower fan, found in many newer models of heat pumps, ACs, and furnaces, changes its speed as needed. This allows it to stay within one or two degrees of the thermostat settings at all times. Less startups and shutdowns and a lower speed setting also means a more efficient system and less noise from the fan.

Two-Speed Heat Pumps Are an Affordable Option

Variable-speed blower fans may not be an option for every homeowner’s budget. A dual-speed heat pump is another option. With only two speed settings, this type of fan still allows for adjustments to the heat pump speed which can result in more accurate temperatures along with better energy efficiency throughout the year.

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