How a Heat Pump Is Like a Regular Central AC Unit

ac designs team

If you’re shopping around for a new heating and/or air conditioning system, you might have found some information about heat pumps. Heat pumps are heating and air conditioning systems all-in-one. In some areas, homeowners need a backup heater in order to compensate for extremely low outdoor temperatures. But in Florida, it’s the perfect system for any whole-home air conditioning replacement.

In fact, it’s just like a regular air conditioning system. It has all of the same components, but it has a few extra added in. Engineers figured out that the cooling process used for air conditioning—refrigeration—could also be used for heating, and that’s how the heat pump came about. But how can this be?

Refrigeration is the process of heat exchange

There’s no way to really produce “cold” as it’s not an energy, like heat is. Instead, in order to cool something down, what you have to do is take away the heat. That’s what an air conditioner does (and a refrigerator too!). It uses the refrigerant in the system to move around heat. First, it absorbs heat as it evaporates indoors, and then it releases heat when refrigerant condenses at the outside unit.

Heat pump reversing valves change this around

With a few extra components, including the reversing valve, refrigerant is able to change direction and actually move heat into the space. So in the winter, even when temperatures outside are too chilly, it can still use a thermodynamic process to remove heat from the air and channel it into your home.

Choose a heat pump instead

We recommend that you choose a heat pump with variable speed settings (one that automatically adjusts for better efficiency) instead of the conventional air conditioner. You get year round comfort and efficiency, and your bank account will thank you when it comes time for the monthly bills!

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