Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Close the Air Vents in Your Home

ac designs team

One of the rooms of your home is already a little bit chilly, and the rest of the house is still cooling off. You decide that it might help to keep you comfortable, and perhaps save you some money, if you close off the register that allows air to enter that room. Most registers have this option, but we usually recommend against closing them at any time. Here’s why!

Your AC was designed for a specific cooling output

When your air conditioner was first installed in your home, technicians were careful to select the size that was just right to cool the space in your home (we hope). When the area is reduced in any way, your air conditioner can struggle. Suddenly, it’s forced to cycle on and off more frequently, as the typical airflow is suddenly cut off.

You can end up paying more

Many people think that shutting an air vent makes the system cool your home more efficiently. As it turns out, the opposite is true. Having all the vents open will save you more, as a closed vent can cause the system to short cycle, costing more to run with more frequent startups. Closing vents can also cause significant wear and tear, and you might end up with a system that is damaged and costs more to repair each year.

Get a zone control system instead

The key to climate control that focuses on different areas of the home is having a zone control system installed. A zone control system is a set of dampers in the ductwork connected by a control system that opens and closes each damper individually. The dampers are placed carefully and are designed to work with an HVAC system, limiting airflow into a room without damaging the system. Call a technician to learn more about installing zone control in your home.

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