Fire Prevention Month: How to Avoid HVAC Fires

A person using a fire extinguisher

Everyone knows that when your HVAC system malfunctions or needs to be repaired, you’ll likely suffer from a lack of cool air conditioning or comfortable heating, depending on the season. But what many homeowners don’t know is that faulty HVAC systems can create very dangerous problems, including fires. 

When homeowners are not aware of these dangers and the signs that point to a fire, they may risk damage to their homes, injury, or worse. Understanding the telltale signs of a malfunctioning AC system can help homeowners and renters realize the importance of regular maintenance to help avoid dangerous HVAC fires.  

Causes of HVAC Fires

Understanding the causes of HVAC fires can help homeowners avoid them year-round. Common causes of these incidents include flammable objects, plants, and other clutter being placed too close to your HVAC unit. 

Fires can also be caused by faulty wiring within your unit. This often takes place when units are not installed by experienced professionals. HVAC units may also become overheated when they are overworked due to dirty air filters or motor friction, which also puts your unit at risk of catching fire. 

Ways to Prevent HVAC Fires

Being proactive about regularly inspecting these areas of your HVAC system is the key to preventing air conditioner fires. Though your AC unit is a well-crafted machine, it’s still subject to the unpredictable nature of the outdoors. That’s why outside of regularly scheduled maintenance by experienced professionals, it’s important to inspect its condition as best you can on your own. 

Be sure to check for fuel leaks, keep your unit’s ducts clean, and keep the area around your unit clutter-free. Eliminating all debris and objects from within and around your unit is essential in preventing your unit from malfunctioning or catching on fire. 

Prevent HVAC Fires with HVAC Maintenance

A lack of AC maintenance can lead to an HVAC fire due to dirt obstructing airflow, electrical systems that need repair, and more. That’s why it’s crucial to schedule bi-annual AC inspections with a trusted HVAC company.

HVAC technicians will ensure that your unit’s filters and ducts are clean and troubleshoot issues in their earliest stages to extend the life of your unit. When you join AC Design’s preferred maintenance program for a low annual fee, you’ll improve your HVAC unit’s safety while also lowering your utility bills.

We provide two scheduled maintenance checks per year, priority scheduling and replacement of parts and units, as well as after-hours emergency service. These AC maintenance benefits will save you hundreds on preventable repairs and lower the risk of unit fires substantially. Members also receive half off diagnostic fees and 20% off unit repairs. 

HVAC fires can be dangerous and result in costly damages, but with preventative maintenance, they can be avoided. Extend the life of your unit and keep your home and family safe by making bi-annual unit maintenance a priority. Schedule an inspection with AC Designs – an AC maintenance company in Jacksonville, Florida that you can trust.