Causes of Low Airflow in Your AC Unit

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Low airflow is one of the most common air conditioning problems that HVAC units experience. However, if you suspect your home may be experiencing this issue, consult an AC technician. Poor ventilation in the home can decrease your unit’s efficiency, strain your energy bill, and even cause health issues. 

Airflow problems can be attributed to many factors, most of which can be combatted by scheduling regular maintenance and tune-ups. Learn the signs and causes of this issue to keep your air conditioning working efficiently year-round and avoid costly damages to your unit. 

Signs of Low Airflow

There are numerous potential signs of airflow issues throughout your home. If your AC unit displays these signs and symptoms, you are likely experiencing poor indoor air quality and should contact AC Designs before problems persist or worsen. 

  • You begin to observe hot and cold spots throughout your home.  
  • Airflow from your vents begins to weaken.  
  • Doors throughout your home start to slam on their own.
  • Pressure imbalances cause whistling noises throughout your home. 
  • Warm air consistently blows from your AC unit and vents. 

Causes of Low Airflow

Many causes of low airflow are easy and inexpensive to fix with the help of an AC maintenance technician. One of the main factors behind AC airflow problems is blocked vents or an obstructed condenser unit, which is typically located outside of your home. 

This problem can also occur due to objects like furniture or filing cabinets blocking vents. Homeowners can often solve this problem themselves by clearing debris and particles from the condenser unit or vents. Other common causes include clogged filters or dirty condenser coils, which impact your unit’s ability to pull allergens and dust particles from the air. 

Protecting your home’s airflow requires regular maintenance that includes consistent changing of filters and cleaning of coils. Low refrigerant levels can also cause this issue within your home. At AC Designs, our skilled AC technicians can quickly diagnose and solve airflow problems to keep your home comfortable. 

Reasons to Join an AC Maintenance Program

One of the best ways to ensure your home AC unit doesn’t experience low airflow is by scheduling regular preventative maintenance. When your unit receives year-round care through an AC maintenance program, you’ll stay on top of common issues that can result in damage to your unit and costly repairs. 

Your AC maintenance technician can assist you with tasks to improve your unit’s airflow and avoid future problems. These tasks include regularly cleaning your condenser coils, changing filters, maintaining your unit’s refrigerant levels, and clearing debris from your condenser unit often.

When you join an AC maintenance program, you don’t have to take these steps to maintain your unit on your own. Our team of experienced HVAC technicians can provide you with all the support you need to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly and cost-effectively. Plus, you’ll receive numerous additional benefits, like priority scheduling, after-hours emergency service, discounts and more. 

Low airflow can compromise your comfortability within your own home and reduce your unit’s lifespan. Luckily, the steps to prevent this issue are simple with the help of an AC technician. At AC Designs, our team will ensure your HVAC unit stays maintained all year long. Make an appointment for preventative maintenance to protect your unit today.