Electrical Problems and Air Conditioning Repair

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Today’s air conditioners can run extremely efficiently if you purchase a model with a high efficiency rating and schedule regular maintenance with a technician. That said, air conditioners generally consume more energy than many of the other appliances and fixtures in your home. When an air conditioner is in need of repair, it’s often due to electrical problems.

There are many different components that run via electricity including the blower motor, thermostat and the compressor. Proper maintenance can help to keep electrical problems from occurring, but when a problem does arise, you’ll need the help of a professional technician. Contact the people at AC Designs Inc. for air conditioning repair in Jacksonville, FL.

Some Common Electrical Issues

Here are a few of the most common electrical problems that call for air conditioning repair.

  • Improper Voltage – A certain amount of electricity is required in order to operate a large air conditioning system, and without enough power (or with too much) it will not function as it should. The unit may “hard start,” meaning it takes a long time to start up and struggles to provide AC. This may cause the fan to malfunction, which means you cannot get enough airflow over the coils, which may cause the pipes to freeze.
  • Blown Capacitor – The capacitor is a small part that stores electricity in order to energize the fan and the compressor. Voltage issues could be the source of your blown capacitor, but it may also be due to a power surge or if the circuitry becomes overheated or worn too much. This is perhaps the most common air conditioning problem, and a technician will usually simply replace the part.
  • Faulty Thermostat – Your thermostat wiring may also be at fault for your air conditioning troubles. If your thermostat wiring is in poor condition, you might notice your system short cycling, meaning it turns on, but shuts off before the cooling cycle is complete. Or, it may not turn on at all if the wiring is damaged, and sometimes the best step is to replace the thermostat.

Call AC Designs Inc. for air conditioning repair in Orange Park and Jacksonville FL. Our experts can determine the cause of your electrical trouble and find the proper method of repair.