Dirty Coils and Air Conditioning Maintenance

ac designs team

Spring is almost here, which means it’s just about time for spring cleaning. Many people in Jacksonville, FL take the opportunity to get everything in order in the home in the spring, when the weather is ideal and the change in the climate presents an opportune time to have a yard sale, clean up the yard, and work up a sweat scrubbing and emptying storage spaces indoors. You can reach most of the parts of your home that need spring cleaning by yourself (or with the help of a ladder when cleaning ceiling fans and rain gutters). But cleaning the major components of your air conditioner is a job that should always go to a professional.

Just like any component of your home, your air conditioner becomes dirty over time. The outdoor unit is exposed to the elements, which means it’s likely to collect dirt quickly. And one of the parts of your AC most affected by dirt is the outside condenser coil. If this coil begins to cause trouble, a technician can clean it using the proper techniques during AC repair. Or, you may choose to schedule regular air conditioning maintenance, a sort of spring cleaning for your air conditioner in which it receives a thorough cleaning, adjustment, and inspection.

The two coils in your air conditioning system help refrigerant to carry out the refrigeration process. The inside coil helps refrigerant to absorb heat from the air in your home as it evaporates, and it releases heat at the outside coil during condensation. If the outside coil is dirty, this process is inhibited. No longer can it complete its job efficiently, and the other components may struggle to keep up. This can force components to become overworked, potentially damaging these other vital parts of your system.

Technicians use industry-preferred products and chemicals for coil cleaning during air conditioning maintenance in order to prevent any additional strain on the coils. During a maintenance visit, the technician may also straighten the coils with a special comb, and adjust other parts of your unit as well. We recommend air conditioning maintenance once a year, right before the cooling season sets in if possible.

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