Is Your A/C Making One of These Strange Noises?

Is Your A/C Making One of These Strange Noises?

Your air conditioner is probably nothing more than background noise to you. In most cases, you likely never even notice when it cycles on and off. In a few rare instances, you might notice its soothing sounds as you’re trying to unwind or relax.

Your A/C Unit and Strange Noises

If you ever hear your A/C unit making a strange or loud noise, however, it’s something that you should pay attention to. Here’s a rundown of some of the noises you might hear and what they could mean.


Not only can banging be startling, it’s a pretty good sign that some component within your air conditioning system is broken or loose. Your indoor blower might be unbalanced or your compressor might need to be replaced. Another reason for banging could be that a part inside the compressor, such as the piston pin, crankshaft or connecting rod, is loose or broken.


While some clicking is part of the normal operation of an air conditioning system, there are instances that could indicate a problem with the unit. For example, clicking as your A/C unit cycles on or off is a normal part of the operation of its electrical components. Clicking that is ongoing or constant, however, could be a sign that your thermostat is failing or that a control is defective. Because of the multitude of electrical parts contained in your A/C unit, it’s critical to become aware of any unusual instances of clicking.


Most often emitting from the portion of your air conditioning system that is outside, buzzing could mean several things. Your condenser coil might need to be cleaned or the air filter might need to be changed. You might have loose parts, such as the outdoor fan motor or the fan blades. The blower might also be out of balance or it could be malfunctioning.


Leaves, twigs and other debris could clog your A/C unit and make a rattling noise. However, it could also be caused by loose parts that might be a sign that it’s deteriorating.

Screaming or Hissing

Screaming or hissing from your A/C unit indicates an emergency. Turn off the unit and call a professional immediately. A refrigerant leak or a compressor with high internal pressure are the most common reasons for screaming. Both are extremely dangerous and need a professional’s expertise.

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