4 Reasons Why Your A/C Unit is Not Cooling

Reasons Why Your A/C Is Not Cooling

Your air conditioning unit is on, and it appears to be running just fine. You’ve noticed, though, that you are still uncomfortably hot and sticky. There could be a few reasons why your A/C unit is not cooling the interior of your home properly.


Nearly all thermostats have a setting for the blower. If it is in the “on” position, the blower will run continuously regardless of the temperature of the room. When the setting is in the “auto” position, the blower will cycle on and off according to the temperature that you set. In homes that have filtration systems, however, the “on” position is often required in order to realize the full benefits of the air cleaners and other components.

Condenser Coils

As part of the mechanism that produces cold air, any issue with the condenser coils is likely to result in your A/C unit not cooling as well as you expect it to. For example, if the circuit breaker is tripped or the fuse is blown, your A/C fan will still run but the condenser coil won’t produce any cold air.


As your A/C unit ages, it may begin to leak small amounts of refrigerant if you don’t have it charged regularly. In some cases, this loss of refrigerant can be so large that your A/C unit can no longer effectively cool your home. Another possible scenario is that the refrigerant that leaked out can mingle with moisture before freezing. This could result in blockages so your unit cannot cool properly.


Though it might not be visible to you, the ductwork is one of the most important aspects of your HVAC system. It is this network that delivers the cool air produced by your A/C unit to the rest of your home. If it is bent, broken, cracked, or designed poorly, it cannot do so effectively.

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