A Quick Guide to Dehumidifying Your Home

ac designs team

The humidity can make the heat of summer feel even hotter, and we get a lot of it in our area. High levels of moisture in the air contribute to your discomfort because sweat does not evaporate from the skin as easily with water vapor all around you, and this is your body’s usual method of cooling down. An air conditioner can help you escape from the summer heat, partly because of its ability to remove moisture. But a whole-home dehumidifier in combination with central AC may be a better option. Read more below!

Air Conditioners Dehumidify

Did you know that your air conditioner cannot create cool air? It can only move heat out of the home during the refrigeration process, which cools down a coil enough to send cool air back into the home. Refrigerant cycles around the system, condensing into liquid form outdoors so heat can release into the air and evaporating to a gas once more in the inside evaporator coil while heat is absorbed.

Warm air blows over the coil to remove heat. As it makes contact with the cool coil, moisture collects in the same way that a cold glass of water collects condensation on a warm day. This moisture then drains to the outdoors, which provides you with a more comfortable environment.

But Dehumidifiers Do It More Efficiently

Although an air conditioner does a good job of removing moisture from the home, it is an inefficient way to do so. You may have to run the AC for longer to feel relief from the humidity, and this could cause trouble for the AC unit, not to mention raising your bills. Whole-home dehumidifiers work with your AC system to provide adequate moisture control faster and without using so much energy. You will need an HVAC professional to install one, but this is a wise purchase for nearly any homeowner in our area.

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