How to Save Money with a New Air Conditioning Installation

ac designs team

It’s difficult to save money on a new air conditioning system. Many companies offer specials throughout the year that may help you save. But if you choose a low budget system with poor efficiency ratings, you will end up spending more later on. We recommend looking for ways to save money over time with a new air conditioner, rather than searching for the least expensive system. We’ve put together a few tips here.

  • Choose High-Efficiency Equipment: We cannot stress this enough; it is almost always worth it in the end to spring for high-efficiency air conditioning equipment rather than settling for a low-budget system. Even though the initial price of another less efficient unit may seem attractive, it will cost more to run, and chances are high that you will end up paying more to run it. Ask a technician to help you find a high-efficiency system in your price range.
  • Get Your Ducts Sealed: The ductwork may not seem too complex, as it is only a pathway for the air to travel through. When the air conditioning system is not cooling properly or evenly, many people first suspect an issue with the unit itself. Often, however, holes in the ductwork force the air conditioner to work a little too hard, leading to issues within the system. Additionally, air cannot distribute evenly to all rooms, leading to a lot of discomfort. A professional has tools to detect and seal leaks so that your system performs up to your standards. We recommend scheduling an inspection when installing a new unit. Sealing the ducts before installation helps to improve the efficiency of your unit so you can save even more over time.
  • Choose Quality Contractors: Never hire an amateur to do the work professionals spend years training for. Choose a quality, experienced, trained contractor for your air conditioning installation so that the experience goes smoothly, and so that you aren’t paying for costly repairs later on.
  • Get on a Maintenance Program ASAP: Treat your air conditioner right by joining a maintenance program as soon as your system is installed. Most programs include a couple of tune-ups a year, which reduces operating costs, and additional perks, like discounts on future services.

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