5 Signs Your AC Unit Needs Repair

5 Signs Your AC Unit Needs Repair | A/C Designs

The home’s AC system is heavily relied on to manage the hot Jacksonville summers. When you get busy or you simply aren’t sure what AC problems to look out for, it’s easy to overlook the signs that something could be wrong with your air conditioner. The following five signs, however, are ones that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Poor Airflow and/or No Cool Air

If you notice that the airflow from your AC is lacking or if you don’t have any cool air, it’s important to figure out why as soon as possible. Too much strain on the unit can cause compression failure, and when left ignored can result in the need for a complete unit replacement. Some issues that can cause this, including clogged filters and blocked registers or vents, are often things a homeowner can easily take of. Dirty coils, low refrigerant levels and leaky or blocked ducts are best left to the professionals to fix.

2. Issues with the Thermostat

Sometimes, issues with your AC are caused by the thermostat. If making a minor adjustment in the thermostat settings and/or replacing the batteries doesn’t give you the results you expect, the thermostat might need to be updated. Not only will you know that your thermostat is going to work correctly, the latest models have efficiency settings that can help save you money.  

3. Moisture

A properly working AC system is able to remove the moisture from the air and pull it into the unit so it can be cooled. If you notice water pooling around your unit or excessive moisture, the first thing you should do is turn the unit off to avoid an electrical shortage. Excess moisture-related causes, such as a rusted condensation drain pan or a clogged drain line should be evaluated by an air conditioning professional who can identify the root of the problem and provide a lasting solution.

4. Strange Noises

Because Floridians use their AC systems so often, chances are that you hardly notice when your air conditioning system is cycling on and off. Like so many other household noises, these sounds blend into the background. Some sounds, though, need a closer inspection. If you notice your fan making clattering noises long after it first cycles on or clanking and banging in the unit, these are often signals of a larger problem (such as a loose compressor, for example) that can quickly escalate if it’s not addressed quickly. Humming, whistling, screeching and squealing are often less intense sounds that still warrant a call to the professionals before they turn into a bigger issue.

5. Strange Odors

Strange odors coming from the air conditioning unit and vents can be divided into two categories: irritating and potentially dangerous. Smells like mildew are often caused by excess moisture around the unit that isn’t draining properly. Hazardous odors like burning, gunpowder and exhaust fumes could be signals of an electrical failure, and should prompt you to turn off the unit and call an AC technician right away.

If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning in the Jacksonville area, don’t wait until the last minute to have the system looked at. At A/C Designs, we offer a wide range of air conditioning and heating related services — from AC maintenance checkups, routine servicing, repairs, and even full unit replacements — to ensure your system is working as efficiently as possible. Get in touch with our team of experienced technicians for a free quote or to schedule an appointment.