How Your AC System Can Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

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Spring is here, and for many people living in Jacksonville, Florida, that means the onset of spring allergies is fast approaching. While tree pollen is currently spiking in the region, soon grass pollen and ragweed pollen will join the fray to make it difficult to find relief.

In fact, your home — that place that you think of as a comfortable haven — could be adding to your suffering.

Your Home Could Harbor Allergens

Even if you keep your windows closed, there could be pollen and other allergens lurking inside. Here’s how:

Air Ducts – Air ducts serve as a method of delivering cooled air throughout the home. Over time, they can also collect pollen, dust, and other unwanted substances that are cycled through each room as the A/C unit kicks on.

Air Filter – Surprisingly, traditional air filters are not intended to block small substances, such as pollen and other tiny particles from entering your home. The primary role of a standard filter is to help prevent dust and larger particles from entering the equipment so the system can continue to run efficiently.

A dirty filter, or one that is inadequate for the job, can allow particles of pollen, as well as other allergens, to pass through. For individuals suffering from spring allergies, it is recommended to install a high energy particulate air filter, or HEPA filter, which can remove up to 99% of small particles from circulating in the air.

How You Can Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

There are numerous methods of improving the quality of your home’s indoor air. From air duct cleaning, repair and replacement of failing parts, to air purifiers and air filters, an air conditioner specialist can pinpoint the problem areas of your home and provide a recommended plan of action to address your concerns.

If you are suffering from indoor allergies and want to schedule a spring maintenance check up, contact A/C Designs. Our team of experienced technicians is available to provide comprehensive services that protect the indoor air quality of your home such as duct cleaning, air purifiers, air filters and more.