4 Costly Air Conditioning Mistakes

4 Costly Air Conditioning Mistakes

Did you know that you could be inadvertently making air conditioning mistakes that are increasing your energy output and, in turn, your utility expenses? Here are four pitfalls to watch out for:

1. Your A/C Isn’t the Right Size

You might think that bigger is better when it comes to the size of your A/C system. While this thought process can seem like it makes sense – a larger A/C unit is going to be more powerful – a bigger system won’t cool your home faster than one that is the right size for the square footage. An A/C system that is too large or too small will ultimately increase your energy usage and compromise your overall comfort.

When you need an air conditioning replacement, it’s best to work with an industry professional. In addition to square footage, factors such as the orientation of the home, the number (and size) of windows, and insulation are all taken into consideration when making a replacement recommendation that will suit your needs.

2. Your Air Filters are Dirty

Your A/C system has a filter whose job is to stop the dust, dirt and debris that circulates – often unseen and unnoticed – inside your home from getting inside its mechanical parts. Chances are you are not only shortening the lifespan of your system if you don’t change the filters regularly, but it’s also increasing your costs and affecting your air quality. This is because your A/C system has to work harder to move the air through a dirty filter. Make it a habit to change your air filter every month.

3. You’re Setting the Thermostat Incorrectly

It can be tempting to set your thermostat lower than you want your home to feel with the belief that doing so will help it become cooler more quickly. This actually results in your A/C system working harder and for a longer period of time which puts an additional strain on the unit and increases the energy output along with your monthly JEA bill.

Instead, set the thermostat to the temperature you desire and wait for the unit to do its job. If the system isn’t cooling to the right temperature or it takes a long time to reach the ideal comfort level, there could be an underlying issue that needs repair.

4. You Aren’t Getting It Maintained Regularly

Like any other electrical system in your home, your A/C unit needs regular maintenance in order to function most efficiently. Regular air conditioner maintenance by a professional will involve a deep cleaning and inspection of the unit. In addition, a well-maintained unit will be less likely to need emergency repairs and can prolong the life of the equipment. Two maintenance checks are recommended annually for optimal function.

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