3 Common AC Repairs

There’s no better time than now to determine if your HVAC system can handle the high’s and low’s. At A/C Designs, we’ve been working on air conditioning systems in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas for more than a decade. While not all system issues are created equal, there are a few kinds of problems that are more prevalent than others.

Improperly Cooled and/or Warmed Rooms

As the temperature heats up outside, you count on your A/C unit to maintain a comfortable climate inside your home. If you notice that certain rooms or areas of your home aren’t being cooled properly, there could be several reasons why your air conditioner isn’t doing its job well. It could be something as simple as dirty air filters that are clogged or as complex as dirty evaporator coils. While some routine maintenance can be performed by the homeowner – such as changing the air filters – other issues like substantial build up on evaporator coils are best handled by a professional.

Clogged Drain Line

You might not realize that your central air conditioning system is actually completing two jobs. In addition to making the inside of your home the desired temperature, it’s also removing condensation (which can lead to excess moisture) from the indoor air. This process draws water vapor from inside your home where it is directed outside via a drain line that is attached to the air conditioning unit. A clogged drain line can result in the water inside the drip pan not being emptied efficiently. If the level of water in the drip pan becomes too great, the system may automatically shut off to prevent further damage.

Compressor Problems

Compressor problems can result in a failure of your entire A/C system. The compressor is the heart of your cooling system and any malfunction of it is going to be felt by a decline in its performance. The issue is often coils that are dirty, grimy or even moldy. With enough build-up on these coils, your compressor must work harder to exhaust the heat it produces. This often results in your A/C system running longer — or even continuously — in an attempt to reach the proper temperature.

Another indication of compressor issues is the presence of unusual noises that come from your A/C system. These could be squealing, banging, knocking or any other kind of sound that you don’t usually hear from your cooling unit.

If your air conditioning system in Jacksonville is in need of repair, trust the comfort experts at A/C Designs.  We service all brands and offer maintenance plans to keep our customer’s equipment running efficiently year round. Contact us to schedule your next appointment!