3 Reasons You Should Never Skip AC Maintenance

3 Reasons You Should Never Skip AC Maintenance

In most parts of the country, air conditioning is something that is used only for a couple of months. But air conditioning in Jacksonville, FL is nearly a year-round necessity–something many of us would feel lost without. Thankfully, if you have central air conditioning, you can expect it to work reliably, responding with the hum of a fan every time you adjust the thermostat.

Of course, no air conditioning system is invincible. Eventually, you may be faced with sudden problems that inconvenience your family and cost far too much. That’s only the first reason to call technicians to your home once or twice a year for an AC maintenance visit.

#1: Air Conditioning Maintenance Prevents Emergency AC Repair

All-in-all, air conditioning maintenance visits from qualified HVAC technicians ease the burden on your wallet. And one major way this happens is when you are far less likely to need repairs throughout the season. For one thing, technicians will provide a complete inspection.

During inspection, an AC expert may learn that you do need repairs, and you can schedule an appointment to have them taken care of. Scheduling this repair in advance will cost less than an emergency AC repair visit later on in the season, when your air conditioner has broken down completely and may have worn down other components as well.

In addition, a maintenance visit includes a thorough tune-up of the unit, inside and out. This can help to prevent repairs by keeping the unit in the best possible shape, allowing it to run smoothly and reducing the chances you will need AC repair and maintenance.

#2: You May Pay Less for Cooling

It’s probably not news to you that air conditioners cost quite a bit to run. More than a quarter of the cost of energy bills in Florida are because of air conditioning, and that means that you want to do all you can to lower your AC energy use.

Changing the air filter and using the thermostat efficiently can help keep costs down, but so can an annual AC maintenance visit. Technicians can complete tasks you couldn’t do on your own, many of which help improve the performance of your air conditioner, allowing it to run more smoothly and efficiently, like these steps.

  • Cleaning the outdoor coil, which collects dust and makes it difficult to release heat from the system.
  • Cleaning the indoor blower fan so it runs smoothly.
  • Lubricating motors, tightening loose connections, and making little adjustments that add up.

Increase the Lifespan of Your AC Unit

Finally, regular AC maintenance appointments may help to keep your air conditioner around for longer. Little problems with your air conditioner get in the way with performance and slowly wear down the entire system. Your air conditioner struggles to compensate for an inefficient system, but a tune-up at the beginning of each year, or twice a year in a warm area like ours, can help.

This is especially true if you join a local AC maintenance program, which includes regularly scheduled tune-ups of your HVAC equipment that can ensure you never forget to call for an appointment. For more information, you can always reach out to our friendly team.

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