Why You Should Activate AC Designs Parts & Labor Warranty

A couple looks over their AC warranty

AC repairs can be expensive, so we always recommend adding an extended warranty to help cover unforeseen costs. Adding an AC warranty is a smart, preventative measure to protect your wallet and your unit in case it stops running efficiently or breaks down. If your new unit is through AC Designs, you can add this extra protection by filling out a simple form.

New units often come with a manufacturer warranty, but these are not all-inclusive and they expire over time. Because of this, it’s important to secure a warranty with an expert like AC Designs that covers both parts and labor.

Manufacturer Warranties Explained

What a manufacturer’s warranty covers can be lost in fine print or unclear to buyers. Most new AC units come with a 5-year manufacturer limited warranty. They typically cover certain parts, like the compressor, that fail before they should, and manufacturer defects, during the warranty period.

The fact that these manufacturer warranties are “limited” is important to remember. That means you are not covered for everything that could go wrong with your air conditioner.

Also keep in mind that a manufacturer’s warranty does not cover labor costs for repairs. While the manufacturer may replace a part at no cost, you will still need to hire a licensed HVAC technician to install it. You will also need to pay for the initial cost for a service technician to diagnose the problem. Some manufacturers will not honor a warranty if you can’t provide proof of yearly completed AC maintenance.

Benefits of a Parts and Labor Warranty

Even a brand new unit can be susceptible to breakdowns without expert installation, cleaning, and routine maintenance. Since manufacturer parts warranties are limited in coverage, it’s crucial to consider an extended warranty. A parts and labor warranty ensures quality AC maintenance and repair from the day you purchase your unit, through installation, to future repairs and beyond.

You can add a labor warranty through the AC company that you hire to make repairs. When selecting the best HVAC warranty for you, you’ll want to make sure you ask your HVAC company about the following:

  • How long does the warranty last?
  • What can void the warranty?
  • What does the warranty cover?

Don’t forget, many warranties expire within 3-7 years. Luckily, at AC Designs, we are proud to offer the best 12-year parts and labor warranty on the market for select units, which comes with your new unit after activation. The moment you activate a parts and labor warranty through us, you can rest easy knowing you’re covered for future repairs.

Protecting Your AC Warranty

When you add an AC warranty to your unit, you should take some time to learn more about protecting your investment. Be careful, as there are a few things that can void your warranty. These include failing to register the product as directed, hiring a technician who installs the unit improperly, and not keeping up with routine HVAC maintenance.

Using parts that are not approved by the warranty will almost automatically void the warranty. Additionally, you should keep a record of your purchase and receipts that prove that maintenance was performed on your unit. A qualified HVAC company like AC Designs will keep your unit and warranty safe and sound. 

Let AC Designs Keep Your AC Unit Running

With the unpredictable heat and weather that comes with living in Florida, it’s essential to have an AC warranty. Keeping your AC running efficiently and protected will help you enjoy endless summer for years to come.

Add the right warranty with confidence. Contact AC Designs, the leading family-owned AC company in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, to see if your unit is eligible for a warranty today.