Why is My A/C Unit Frozen?

Why is My A/C Unit Frozen?

If your A/C unit is wrapped in a block of ice, you’re likely wondering the reason why and whether it’s safe to operate. Turning your A/C off at the earliest signs of freezing will help to minimize wear and tear on the unit. Because the unit doesn’t know it’s frozen, it will continue to try to run even if ice is present. If the equipment is left running, the motor will eventually burn out.

While a frozen A/C is certainly frustrating, it’s also a relatively common issue many homeowners deal with at some point. Ahead, we share a few common reasons why this happens.

Low Refrigerant Levels

One of the most common culprits behind a frozen A/C system is low refrigerant levels. If there isn’t enough refrigerant circulating through the coils at any given time, it can cause the condensation that normally forms on the outside of the coils to freeze. This leads to a spiral in which ice formation accelerates the loss of refrigerant, eventually leaving the unit unable to function at all.

Replenishing the unit’s refrigerant should solve this issue, although if the refrigerant loss was due to a leak, repairing the leak is the only way to ensure the unit won’t freeze up again.

Dirty or Clogged Air Filter

If you can’t remember the last time you changed your A/C filter (or if you’re not even sure where your filter is located), this may be the cause behind your frozen A/C. Filters govern the airflow into your unit, and when your A/C isn’t getting enough air, it also isn’t getting enough outside heat to keep the coil condensation from freezing.

Dirty or Damaged Coils

A properly functioning air conditioner will create condensation on the unit’s coils. This condensation then drips into the pan below, where it evaporates. But if the drip pan is dirty, this water can back up to cover the coils, which will damage them when the water freezes. And if the coils themselves are dirty or dusty, they can also prevent condensation from evaporating the way it should.

If your unit is freezing up, don’t wait to call a professional. Our technicians are professionally trained to diagnose any issues you are facing and can offer a lasting solution. Get back to living more comfortably by contacting our team.